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the sisters……

Recently Updated3We are three sisters with many years of experience renovating, cooking, building, fixing and decorating homes.

This site offers creative suggestions for user friendly budget decorating plus quick tips on home improvement, as well as featuring recipes and cooking tips.  

Priscilla This sister is an artist and an accomplished  muralist. Many of her wall murals have graced homes and commercial establishments. She has worked with interior designers for over 20 years in her business  “Grand Illusion”. She resides in a rural community in New Jersey, in a home surrounded by a treed  garden landscape with a ruin of a pre Civil War stone house on their property. She is interested in fine art, oil painting and the decorating and renovation of homes. A member of the “National Society of Mural Painters” and a member of the “American Society of Interior Designers” Industry Partner.

Debra The youngest sister has recently converted a summer home on Block Island, Rhode Island into a year round residence. She and her husband  Anthony moved to Block Island  one year ago .  She is an expert on antique clocks and has run a sucessful business selling and repairing clocks for over 20 years. She is an avid bird watcher and is active socially on the small island community. Her sense of style and country decor has transformed her summer  cottage into a lovely and cozy home.

Judy This sister is the gourmet cook and cooking teacher. She has also renovated a hotel into the family’s private residence near the ocean, at the New Jersey shore. She has a flair  for decorating  the interior of her home, incorporating an antique collection as well as including many innovative craft ideas.