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Happy New Year!!!

Mural Painting

Anatomy of a Mural

This is the look of a mural in progress. This mural was hand painted on canvas in my studio to be installed in a Victorian home in New Jersey. When these homeowners decided to remodel their master bathroom, a plan and design was developed along with an interior designer to have […]

Table Settings For The Holidays

My sisters and I designed these table settings for holiday entertaining . If you use your imagination, you can design colorful and elegant table settings with some things you already have around your home. The red and white quilt on the table was bought at a flea market, it is a twin bed coverlet. […]

Kitchen Cabinetry

There are some things you should know when choosing kitchen cabinets for your home , whether you are remodeling our starting from scratch.

Kitchen cabinets are available in 3 configurations: stock , semi custom, and custom.

Stock cabinetry is referred to as “off the rack”, these cabinets are mass produced and pre-assembled. The advantages […]

Create a designer look in your own home

The key to creating a designer look is all in the planning. Designers do it and so should you. Take measurements of the room using either graph paper or computor software. Plot in all windows and doors in the drawing to show any obstacles.

Next browse through magazines or pictures on various websites like […]

Don’t Throw those Shrimp Shells Away!!

Shrimp shells make the best stock to use in seafoodd dishes and sauces. So when you are peeling your raw shrimp, throw the shells in a pot with enough water to cover them, instead of throwing them in the garbage, and bring to a boil. Turn the heat down and simmer until about half the […]

New Color Trends for Decorating Your Home

Watching fashion trends usually foretell a year or so earlier what paint colors designers will use. A color marketing group announced this spring that a vibrant deep red-purple, which has been seen in past seasons on the runway, is the “it” color for fall/winter 2011 to 2012. Alongside red-purple, a golden hue honey color was […]

Decorating a Ceiling

One of the of the forgotten places in your home to decorate is the ceiling. Throughout the ages ceilings have been adorned with designs or color, even gold leaf. Many new homes have trey ceilings, that are crying out for attention to detail! In as much as the different levels that many trey ceilings […]

Berries, Berries, Berries!!!

This is the season for those fresh berries. My family goes crazy for blueberries, blackberries, raspberries and strawberries.


Naturally blue food is not normal. The deeper blue or purple a berry is in color, the higher the antioxidant power. Even though our bodies have their own way of making […]

4th of July BBQ

I don’t care what anyone says, a charcoal grill is the way to go. Sure the propane grill is easy but it just doesn’t have that grilled flavor. You know what I mean even if you don’t want to admit […]

Decorating Children’s Rooms

I have been decorating and painting murals and artwork in children’s rooms for many years and I don’t believe in a lot of fantasy. The more realistic the painting or mural is, the longer the life of the painting and it grows with the child. This picture is of a painting I completed for a […]

Quick and easy bathroom remodeling

You can make some quick and easy fix-ups to your bathroom to improve the look and functionality without calling a contractor.

The easiest fix is to add a fresh coat of paint. Color in itself can dramatically transform a room. To achieve a professional look ,success is assured if you take the time to […]


We put up our tree early this year. We were going to go to a farm and chop one down, but friends told us about a place where they get fresh cut Frazier and Douglas firs from North Carolina. We bought a Frazier. Here are some pictures of my house in disarray. It is now […]

French Onion Soup

Believe it or not but my kids loved French Onion soup from the time they were about 10 years old. Maybe it was just the little oven proof ceramic crocks with the handle that they liked. Here is a delicious recipes sure everyone will like.

Note: I left out the wine and sherry when I […]

Duck eggs versus Chicken eggs

Most people do not think about eating duck eggs. Very fresh free range duck eggs are very much like free range chicken eggs. They look alike and have pretty much the same flavor. The yolks are deep orange and the flavor is rich. The most common difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs are the […]


Concrete Fabrication for your Home

Concrete comes in many configurations for your home. Virtually any surface in your home or office can be adorned with this versatile material. Concrete can be formed for sinks ,counter tops, back splashes, tabletops, fireplaces, etc. Integral elements can be added such as bars, drain boards,sinks and cutting boards. Various […]

Shopping at a Flea Market

The Ocean Grove Flea Market is a huge event in the area. People come to shop there from all over the tri-state area. There are over 300 vendors that set up their treasures and great finds at daybreak when the dew is still on the grass.

As I strolled through the flea market this morning […]

Claw Foot tub

Many years ago, a neighbor of ours was renovating their bathroom and wanted to get rid of a claw foot tub that was in their house when they bought it. It was about one hundred years old and weighed a ton! They asked us if we wanted it and we said sure, not having a […]

Painting a Floor

There are many samples of painted floors throughout the ages with many interesting patterns and looks that have decorated the simplest to the most elegant of homes. Painting or staining your floor at home can be a daunting DIY project, but if you take the time to plan and design it well, you will have […]

Earth Friendly Home Remodeling

Think of remodeling your home as if you had no power or water and no food that could be purchased at a nearby store.

Decide where to put your garden In summer to keep your house cool – prevent sunlight from hitting the house directly, plant -trees, trellises, plants, bushes. This measure is 7 times […]

Color Trends

Decorating Color Trends: Colors are going Grayer!

At the recent Color Marketing Group (CMG) conference. Their forecasting and steering committee workshops put together the new palette for consumer colors. The big news is the graying of colors-even orange,yellow,green and teal, will be slightly muted in products coming to market next year.They complement the bevy […]

Home decorating with an Interior Design Professional

A do-it-yourself approach to interior decorating can be a rewarding experience or it can become a frustrating, costly and time consuming project for a homeowner.

Before attempting a decorating project access your objectives. You may realize that your time and money may be spent somewhere else.

Having a professional interior designer can help you develop […]


These tablescapes were designed for holiday entertaining. We basically used things that we had around the house. The red and white quilt on the table was bought at a flea market for $10.00. It is a twin bed quilt and I have the mate for another twin bed. It was in beautiful shape. The […]

paint colors

Outdoor Living Area

This homeowner, designed a beautiful outdoor area complete with seating, hot tub, and the focal point being, a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace. Surrounded by a low stone wall, slate floor and brick border, the home’s outdoor deck is terraced. The first level holds the hot tub, and a few steps down,the patio area.

The […]


Consider adding a fireplace to your home. A fireplace can become a focal point in a decorating scheme and can also be a practical way to add heat to a room. Many types of fireplaces can be considered to fit any decorating style. To enhance a rooms decor for instance, a beautiful mantle can be […]

What you can do with things found under your porch

Bi-fold Doors

One day about 7 or 8 years ago, a neighbor was putting 4 bi-fold doors out on the curb for trash.

Well, you know what they say, I saw a treasure that I might be able to use someday.

So, reluctantly my husband helped me carry them to our house […]

Kitchen remodel

As you can see from the picture, my kitchen left a lot to be desired. I wanted to renovate the kitchen while I was still alive to enjoy it, but in the meantime, I needed to refresh it and I wanted to spend a minimum amount of money . The old […]

How to hand paint fabric

Hand painted fabric can enhance pillows, drapes, table cloths, runners, napkins, etc. Use good fabric, such as silk, but make sure it does not have a protective coating like Scotchguard, or the paint will not adhere. You can buy fabric paint in a craft store, acrylic artist paint will also work. The paint will […]