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Easy Cheese Quesadillas

Makes 36 wedges for a starter

16 oz. Monteray Jack cheese, grated

12 6 inch flour tortillas

Canola oil

Use a non-stick saute pan. Heat 1/2 tsp. oil in pan on medium heat and place 1 tortilla in pan topped with a coating of grated cheese. Place another tortilla on top of cheese. Cook until […]

Earth Friendly Home Remodeling

Think of remodeling your home as if you had no power or water and no food that could be purchased at a nearby store.

Decide where to put your garden In summer to keep your house cool – prevent sunlight from hitting the house directly, plant -trees, trellises, plants, bushes. This measure is 7 times […]

Breast Cancer

Today early detection and modern treatment methods may be effective in treating breast cancer. Mammograms

Regular mammogram screenings can assist in early detection of breast cancer. Often small cancers cannot be detected by a breast exam.

Who Should Get a mammogram ?

Women 20 and older should perform breast self-examinations once a month. Women 20 […]