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Guests in your home

You can create a comfortable space in almost any room in your home to accommodate guests.

Just ask yourself what you would like if you were on vacation, and try to create that feeling of comfort  for your guests.

Take some clues from hotel and bed and breakfast proprietors and think about the accommodations that they provide for their clients.

1.     Try to find the most comfortable and luxurious sheets.

2.     If you don’t have an extra bed, you can purchase an inflatable mattress, that can be stored when  not in use.  I bought one from Coleman, the camping suppliers and it comes in handy in an emergency.

3.     Provide a place to stow or lay down luggage, and if possible designate a separate drawer for their  things.

4.     Supply a variety of pillows.

5.     If there is not extra room in you closet,  affix a hanger rack on the back of a door.

6 .    Extras like, reading materials, robes, night light, and bottled water are always appreciated.

Paying attention to details like these can make your guests feel special. And don’t forget to set the coffee maker up the night before, so the morning coffee will be ready.

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