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Painting a Floor

scan_10811102817_1There are many samples of painted floors throughout the ages with many interesting patterns and looks that have decorated the simplest  to the most elegant of homes. Painting or staining your floor at home can be a daunting DIY project, but if you take the time to  plan and design it well, you will have an interesting and different look, especially if you have to refinish the floors anyway. You also have the option of hiring a professional decorative painter to do this for you. Painting an old floor can also hide some of it’s imperfections.

The most important part of the project is to prepare the floor the right way.  A professional floor re-finisher will be your best friend throughout the project.  He will know how to prepare the floor correctly. It is very important to sand the old floor down  to remove every bit of the existing floor finish. If any remaining finish is left, your paint or stain will not adhere to the new floor.   Your floor finisher will then come back and apply a sealer to the floor so it is not as porous, otherwise your colors will run.

Go ahead and lay out the floor in a pattern . A checkerboard pattern is the usual choice. Think about adding a border, that seems to pull the design together and add another dimension. You can lay out the design in chalk or pencil. Use a straight edge and a chalkline to make sure your pattern will be straight. Trace over your chalk lines in pencil and then wipe of with a cloth, (tape will not stick to chalk). Then use painters tape to border the edges of  each square design. You will have to alternate each square to tape, and when they are  dry you can tape next alternate rows.

You will need, tape, pencil or chalk, tape measure, a square, paint or stain, brushes, straight edge and chalkline for straight long lines.


This floor was painted using Benjamin Moore colors in a eggshell finish in a home in New Jersey. When everything is painted, wait 24 hours and have a protective coat applied.


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