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Ocean Grove – “Giant Flea Market”

Each year on the Saturday after Memorial Day and the Saturday after Labor Day, Ocean Grove, N.J. holds a “Giant Flea Market”, sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce. The next scheduled one is September 11, 2010 and is located in the three block area between the Great Auditorium and Ocean Avenue. There is quite a variety of  old and new items such as furniture, clothing, glassware, household items, linens, trash and treasure. You have to come prepared to spend the whole day, there is that much to see. There are also food vendors and the restaurants in town are available for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Many visitors spend the weekend. You can also find many private yard sales throughout Ocean Grove itself.

The “Three Sisters” look forward to this twice a year  and we can usually find a treasure or two. Although it is a little too far away for our Block Island sister, sometimes our brother comes from North Jersey to look for that certain something he cannot live without.

Hopefully, we can get some pictures of the flea market to show you. Watch for them.

You can click on our Ocean Grove Chamber of Commerce link  for more information. Judy            


2 comments to Ocean Grove – “Giant Flea Market”

  • I love the Ocean Grove Flea Market. I have been to that flea market many times in the past. Bring along a cart with wheels for all your treasures.

    If you buy something large you can always get your car and pick the larger item up at the curb near seller’s site.

    I have bought many things in the past but I am currently out of space in my home and who knows, maybe I will start selling my treaures at the Ocean Grove Flea Market!

  • judyball11

    Thanks for the comment! Not a bad idea about selling some of the “stuff” bought over the years.

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