Claw Foot tub

Many years ago, a neighbor of ours was renovating their bathroom and wanted to get rid of a claw foot tub that was in their house when  they bought it. It was about one hundred years old and weighed a ton!  They asked us if we wanted it and we said sure, not having a clue what we were going to do with it. It took about three guys to get it from their house to ours and into the basement. About fifteen years later, we decided to renovate our bathroom and thought it would be pretty neat to put that tub in our new bathroom. It needed some work, so I sanded the outside and painted it the same blue as the walls (that is another story). The inside was in pretty good condition. The claw feet were not in good shape. They had rusted over the years in the basement and  we were afraid to try and remove  them, they were so old and the bolts were also rusted. Well, I sanded and sanded with rough sandpaper, then finer until they were smooth, or as smooth as they could get. I then painted them with silver spray paint. I had to tape newspaper around the feet with painter’s masking tape so that I wouldn’t get paint on the tub. Live and learn, I should have painted the feet first. It came out great I thought.
What do you think?

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  • Mary Gillie

    I remember Jim and I dropped by one day when you were working on this project.
    Looks fabulous of course.
    Love your website.
    You three are soooo talented.

  • judyball11

    You’ve seen the finished result haven’t you? That was a few years ago now.

  • Gerri Sullivan

    This is great! What floor is it on?

  • judyball11

    They are ceramic floor tiles, small octagon shaped like the ones that were used 100 years ago. White tiles with a border of black tiles. They go well with the claw foot tub and the pedestal sink.
    Thanks for the comment.

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