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Clamming on Block Island

IMG_2214Clamming is an activity my husband and I experience throughout the year on the island.  This past week just reminded me of why I enjoy it so much. After checking the tide chart, we found that low tide was 7:45 in the morning, so we loaded up the car with two clam rakes, clam bags, oars and out Golden Doodle and headed to the Great Salt Pond.

Here, people leave their kayak on the shore of the pond most of the year, so this year we did the same. As we approached the shore we noticed that the number of boats have doubled since we began clamming five years ago.  I also noticed the fog hovered over the pond, creating an eerie feeling as we set sail toward a secluded beach for a few hours of clamming. The kayak we own was purchased so that it provided enough room to allow Lewis, our dog, the ability to travel with us. Although Lewis enjoys time in the boat about half way, he becomes restless, jumps out and swims along side the boat. It only took us a short time to get to our destination, since the current was moving in a favorable direction.

Bud pulled the kayak up on the shore and we unloaded all the gear as Lewis ran along the beach.  We notice the gulls enjoying the morning, making a call which sounds almost human.  We waded out into the water with our rakes. Clams were so abundant that each time you scraped the bottom you managed to get a number of shells.  There are rules though, and a gauge is provided to allow the clammer to take only a certain size catch.

We have established a feeling of respect and appreciation for what the sea offers. As we paddled back to the shore with the catch of the day, the fog lifted and the sun rays felt warm. Once we reached the shore we enjoyed some of our catch. Clams are the best when they are fresh with just a squeeze of lemon juice.

They can also be frozen in the shells. We have taken them frozen to Priscilla’s and Judy’s at different times and have had them raw or cooked. Bud also puts them on the BBQ grill.


5 comments to Clamming on Block Island

  • Mary Gillie

    I wondered how long it would take you to post something!!!!
    Do you and Bud have a Goldendoodle?
    Jim and I have one too. His name is Sam after your grandfather.

  • Mary I finally got around to replying to your comment. Yes, we have a goldendoodle,but ours sheds. Something went wrong with that breeding.His name is Louis. Thanks so much for commenting ,hope you liked clamming post. DEBBIE

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