Duck eggs versus Chicken eggs

Most people do not think about eating duck eggs. Very fresh free range duck eggs are very much like free range chicken eggs. They look alike and have pretty much the same flavor. The yolks are deep orange and the flavor is rich. The most common difference between duck eggs and chicken eggs are the size. Duck eggs are larger. The shells of duck eggs are slightly tougher to crack which gives them a longer shelf life – about 6 weeks in the refrigerator. The yolk of a duck egg is larger in proportion to the whites than that of a chicken egg. So if you like the yolks better, you are in luck.

You can do anything with a duck that you can do with a chicken egg.  Because their water content is less than a chicken egg, it makes them tough if they are overcooked. Also duck eggs have a high protein content, so when used in baking, cakes rise high and stay that way and the high fat content gives a richer taste and color.


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