scan_1010415925_1Concrete Fabrication for your Home

Concrete comes in many configurations for your home. Virtually any surface in your home or office can be adorned with this versatile material. Concrete can be formed for sinks ,counter tops, back splashes, tabletops, fireplaces, etc. Integral elements can be added such as bars, drain boards,sinks and cutting boards. Various inlays can be added as well as a wealth of color for that natural look.

For the bath: Many parts of your  bathroom can be made out of concrete; vanity tops, sinks, wall panels, floor tile, backsplash, tub surrounds, shower benches, shelves, door saddles, window sills etc. Any under mount vessel, drop in ,or integral concrete sink can be incorporated into your vanity top.

At the table: Tops can be fabricated for your kitchen or dining room table, coffee table, end table, outdoor patio table or office desk.

By the Fire: Your fireplace can be the center of attention. Concrete is a non-combustible material that can be used to surround gas, electric, ethanol, and wood burning fireplaces.

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