We put up our tree early this year. We were going to go to a farm and chop one down, but friends told us about a place where they get fresh cut Frazier and Douglas firs from North Carolina. We bought a Frazier. Here are some pictures of my house in disarray. It is now January 1st and the tree is still taking water everyday. The needles still feel fresh.

011 012

013 014


018The finished tree!



                                                                                 My Christmas Village on top of our player piano.





These are the dolls I have collected over the years and I display them in wooden boxes   Looks crooked but that’s just me. They are displayed on wooden boxes  that my husband has collected. I decorate them with lights and greenery.

025 More decorations.








My Santa Claus collection.  Yes, I have w-a-a-y too many Christmas things. I wanted to get this in before Christmas was over but I did not get to it. So, this is for next year. Hope your Christmas was Merry!  Judy

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  • Leslie Cannon

    Your home is always a delight to visit, but never better than at Christmas! Especially at your annual Christmas party with the beautiful, mouthwatering, delicious buffet you make.

  • judyball11

    Thanks Leslie. What a nice thing to say.

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