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Quick and easy bathroom remodeling

You can make some quick and easy fix-ups to your bathroom to improve the look and functionality without calling a contractor.

The easiest fix is to add a fresh coat of paint. Color in itself can dramatically transform a room. To achieve a professional look ,success is assured if you take the time to prepare the walls properly. You will be happier with the results if you fill holes and cracks,sand,tape off trim and windows and paint with quality paint brushes and rollers.

You can easily give the look of your bathroom a lift by adding a new towel bar, paper holder, tank lever and maybe glass shelves. Installing a grab bar in the shower is a great tool to prevent falls and they are easy to install.

Mirrors are normally functional pieces in a bathroom, but are not that pleasing to the eye. Adding a frame to the mirror gives it a more stylish look . You can buy picture frame moulding at your local hardware store, have it miter cut to surround the edges and glue it in place. If you want it painted it is best to do that before you install it. You can also get metallic paint in a craft store and add a gloss coat  for a striking change!

And for the people who thought pink tiles and fixtures were tacky !  Guess what folks!  pink is back in vogue. According to the American Society of Interior Designers report, more people are embracing their vintage pink bathrooms rather then replacing them. Priscilla


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