Decorating Children’s Rooms

I have been decorating and painting murals and artwork in children’s rooms for many years and I don’t believe in a lot of fantasy.   The more realistic the painting or mural is, the longer the life of the painting and it grows with the child.  This picture is of a painting I completed for a baby girl’s room. The parents wanted  something bright and whimsical and something that could be handed down to another child  and then from generation to generation. They showed me images from the internet to give me an idea of what they wanted.    After a few meetings with them, I came up with a sketch.  With their approval, I then gave them a more detailed one to show them what it would look like. Here is the finished painting in my studio.


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  • Mary Gillie

    This is Fabulous! I showed it to Lexie (Lisa’s daughter) and she immediately said “I want one!”

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