Create a designer look in your own home

The key to creating a designer look is all in the planning. Designers do it and so should you. Take measurements of the room using either graph paper or computor software. Plot in all windows and doors in the drawing to show any obstacles.

Next browse through magazines or pictures on various websites like House Beautiful or  Apartment Therapy.

Once you have chosen some looks that you like, create a design board just as a professional designer would do. Cut out swatches of fabric, select paint swatches, find the pictures that fit with the look that you want to achieve and arrange them on a piece of poster board. Now you can see how everything might work together.

Also identify or create a focal point in the room and build your design around that. It could be a large window, a fireplace or even a entertainment center in a family room. Place furniture around the focal point and then move outward from that point

When choosing colors, make sure that they all will work together. If you are unsure how your colors will work together, choose a color from fabric or your furniture and use a few different shades of the same color in the room. Select an accent color that can be used on trim or as a spot of color on a pillow or accessory.

By following the guidelines of a designer room and selecting items that mimic the shape and scale of similar accessories, it’s possible for any homeowner to create a beautiful room for less.

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