Outdoor Living Area

This homeowner, designed a beautiful outdoor area complete with seating, hot tub, and the focal point being, a beautiful and functional outdoor fireplace. Surrounded by a low stone wall, slate floor and brick border, the home’s outdoor deck is terraced. The first level holds the hot tub, IMG_2245and a few steps down,the patio area.

The homeowner took the time to plan and personalize the outdoor  space and considered what would be the most  comfortable and practical arrangement. The footprint for the patio, was accomplished  by laying a garden hose on the ground ,and adjusting the hose to see how the space would work with the seating and traffic flow surrounding the fireplace. When he was happy with the size of the space, he then brought out furniture from the inside of his house, to test the look and feel of the arrangement.

With the homeowners design in place, a mason was hired to build the outdoor living area.

He enjoys entertaining friends and family in this area that extends his living space, and his guests can all be viewed from his kitchen through large sliding glass doors while he cooks and prepares the dinner.

These outdoor fireplace arrangements can be very comfortable and relaxing, and can extend  the season by providing warmth on chilly evenings.


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  • I was visiting my son in Maryland and he has a fire pit on his property and plenty of firewood to burn. His fire pit is nothing like the outdoor fireplace area pictured above, however the fire pit was great in the evening. Just sitting around a crackling fire seems to relieve stress , relax you and its take your mind off of everything!

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