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How to hand paint fabric


Hand painted fabric can enhance pillows, drapes, table cloths, runners, napkins, etc. Use good fabric, such as silk, but make sure it does not have a protective coating like Scotchguard, or the paint will not adhere. You can buy fabric paint in a craft store, acrylic artist paint will also work. The paint will not come off, if it gets dirty you can have the item dry cleaned. You may chose to replicate a design or picture or take the design from a fabric you have in your home. You can also use ready made stencils.


Measure the size of the pillow fabric you want to paint

Cut fabric with enough margins to adhere it to a board with tacks


Tape the stencil on the fabric with painter’s tape available at your local hardware store

Use a stencil brush to apply paint

You can vary the look of the stencil design by applying more or less paint. The brushes, stencils and paint are available in craft stores.

Hand Painting

To transfer design or picture to fabric, use carbon paper under design and trace over. You can buy transfer paper or transfer pencils at craft stores.

If you are nervous by accidentally transferring paint to surfaces you are not working on, just mask over the parts you are not painting with painter’s tape.

I hand painted this pillow myself using pictures from a library book.


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