Kitchen remodel

As you can see from the picture, my kitchen left a lot to be desired. I wanted to renovate the kitchen while I was still alive to enjoy it, but in the meantime, I needed to refresh it and I wanted to spend a minimum amount of money . The old cabinets, which were a form of plastic coating over pressed board, were worn and had been painted over many times. I decided to paint them again for a nicer look.                                                                         scan_9831162017_1

To paint kitchen cabinets, the surface should be sanded first.  You can either paint the cabinets with the doors on, or you can take them off. Removing the doors and all the hardware is best, then you can paint the doors on a flat surface.  Paint the cabinet face structure first. I used Benjamin Moore latex “providence olive” (doesn’t show dirt) in a eggshell finish. Since the cabinet doors were flat I used a small short  napped  roller to roll the paint on. I painted the doors inside surface and out. It feels cleaner and looks much nicer.

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