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Kitchen Cabinetry


There are some things you should know when choosing kitchen cabinets for your home , whether you are remodeling our starting from scratch.

Kitchen cabinets are available in 3 configurations: stock , semi custom, and custom.

Stock cabinetry is referred to as “off the rack”, these cabinets are mass produced and pre-assembled. The advantages of stock cabinetry are low cost and  short lead time. Stock cabinetry however has a limited number of styles and designs.

Semi-custom cabinets are manufacture-built to fit  your kitchens specifications. You have more options than stock cabinetry and have the availability of choosing finishes and door styles.

Custom cabinets are built to your exact specifications and you are able to oversee all details. The greatest quality of custom cabinets, because they are handmade, they allow maximum storage space and every square inch of your kitchen is utilized.   You can choose  your style; traditional , contemporary, country or transitional.

Work with a professional kitchen designer, they will take care of all the details.


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