Decorating a Ceiling

One of the of the forgotten places in your home to decorate is the ceiling. Throughout the ages ceilings have been adorned with designs or color, even gold leaf. Many new homes have trey ceilings, that are crying out for attention to detail!  In as much as the different levels that many trey ceilings […]

Quick and easy bathroom remodeling

You can make some quick and easy fix-ups to your bathroom to improve the look and functionality without calling a contractor.

The easiest fix is to add a fresh coat of paint. Color in itself can dramatically transform a room. To achieve a professional look ,success is assured if you take the time […]

paint colors

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What you can do with things found under your porch

Bi-fold Doors

One day about 7 or 8 years ago, a neighbor was putting 4 bi-fold doors out on the curb for trash.

Well, you know what they say, I saw a treasure that I might be able to use someday.

So, reluctantly my husband helped me carry them to our house […]