How about a party on a budget!

Fight the doldrums of February. Have a party! You don’t have to spend a lot; some appetizers, beer and wine ( and if they are your friends, ask them to bring their favorite beer or wine) and an inexpensive buffet dinner.



That old favorite, pigs in the blanket. At Christmas, I served […]

Comfort Foods – Macaroni and Cheese

Macaroni and Cheese What can be more comforting than that? 1 lb. box of macaroni, ziti, elbows, penne, etc. 16oz. sharp or extra sharp cheddar cheese (yellow or white), grated 1/4 c. of flour 1 stick of unsalted butter plus 2 tbsps. 3/4 to 1 c. of milk salt and pepper pinch of nutmeg (optional) […]