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Kitchen Cabinetry

There are some things you should know when choosing kitchen cabinets for your home , whether you are remodeling our starting from scratch.

Kitchen cabinets are available in 3 configurations: stock , semi custom, and custom.

Stock cabinetry is referred to as “off the rack”, these cabinets are mass produced and pre-assembled. The advantages […]

Decorating Children’s Rooms

I have been decorating and painting murals and artwork in children’s rooms for many years and I don’t believe in a lot of fantasy. The more realistic the painting or mural is, the longer the life of the painting and it grows with the child. This picture is of a painting I completed for a […]

Bathroom Remodeling

When you decide to remodel your bathroom take the green savy approach. You will save money by lowering utility bills, save resources, and add new luxury features you will enjoy.

By installing a tankless water heater, you use water as needed rather than storing the water in a large tank. The cold water is instantly […]

Earth Friendly Home Remodeling

Think of remodeling your home as if you had no power or water and no food that could be purchased at a nearby store.

Decide where to put your garden In summer to keep your house cool – prevent sunlight from hitting the house directly, plant -trees, trellises, plants, bushes. This measure is 7 times […]

ASID Green Interior Design

The American Society of Interior Designers has come up with 10 re-green, guidelines for the home.

In conjunction with the US Green Building Council, it has issued it’s REGREEN Guidelines , organized into 10 m0st common remodeling projects and designed to provide professionals and homeowners with resources and tools to green their home […]